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We have always responded to requests for bespoke projects with a team dedicated to accommodating these special solutions.
Our designers and technicians develop each project to maximise design and functionality. Over the years they have created new products in collaboration with the most established and prestigious design studios around the world. Their extensive knowledge of the production process makes them masters of turning ideas into real products.
Our response to Contract doesn't stop here.


In 2021, a year of change in a fast-paced world, we are launching a new challenge. Alea design+build is a division specialising in 360° bespoke response.

From concept to final execution, Alea design+build was created with the intention of assisting you from beginning to end to achieve ambitious results: organisation and real estate consultancy services, project management, interior design, space planning, procurement and general contractor activities, turnkey projects and fitting out of private residences, retail and commercial spaces, offices, public buildings and real estate in the broadest sense of the term.


Alea has enriched its offer by introducing a partnership with the seating sister company M.artedesign.
Since 2012 M.artedesign has been committed to the pursuit of design introspective. The accurate attention to the details and the excellent quality of its products perfectly match Alea's idea of business. 
Furniture, pods, structural elements and seating are the complete range of products that Alea and M.artedesign thought to help you tell your story.

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