Our mission is to create beautiful, comfortable and inspiring office environments. Places where people feel good


A wide range of furniture and accessories to enhance the work environment and make it functional


Structures and partition walls to better design your work spaces

Since 1972 we design and produce a wide range of furniture, from standard to complete customisation

The way of working and the office concept are constantly evolving. This is why we believe in the endless search of new solutions for new needs.

Why Alea

Since 1972 Alea has been an office furniture company focused on contract design solutions 100% made in Italy.

Materials and finishes

We have always paid the utmost attention to the creation of our products, working only with high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Design and innovation

We always focus on quality and innovation. Our standard collections are featured with unique style and technical deatails. Workstations, meeting tables, private offices, partition walls, storage units and receptions are just some of our product categories.



Saturday 24 September was held the 50th anniversary celebrations of Alea. A very successful event to thank all those who contributed to the achievement of this special milestone, with the wish for an equally brilliant future. Best wishes Alea!


Case study

An entire floor of a former 19th century textile factory has been redesigned for Gete Comunicación agency in Barcelona, defining a relaxed and sustainable space, thought towards a creative approach.