Alea firmly believes in sustainable business and attention to environmental impact and workers' health.
The pursuit of these principles leads our company to focus its efforts on the eco-friendly development of production processes and end products. In fact, one of our priorities is the constant search for the use of recyclable materials.

The wood conglomerate used for the production of the panels falls within the CARB P2 class and meets the standards for ANSI/BIFMA emissions as established by the LEED certification with respect to the IEQ4.5 credit (functional to guarantee the low concentration of volatile organic compounds VOCs).

Alea has certified its quality process according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and has obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. We have also successfully obtained UNI ISO 45001 –Occupational health and safety assessment series. On client’s request Alea can give FSC® certified products (License Code FSC-C118323) according to FSC-STD-40-004.

Consistent with green initiatives, all Alea products are packed using only carton, without including polystyrene foam in the packs. The cardboard used for the packing is 85% recycled.


Aluminium is a silver-white, light, ductile, malleable and corrosion and oxidation resistant metallic element. In Alea we use bright and anodized aluminium.



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