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Oasi’s design is sophisticated and modern, providing comfort and functionality at the same time.
Oasi’s distinctiveness is a pair of metal blades that support the desk top. The latter features the possibility of combining two materials with an aluminium frame.
Everything is at your fingertips and the solutions for storage and wire managment are discreet and elegant.

A modern executive collection with a contemporary design blanding different materials


Features Oasi

250 mm raised modesty panel

Full-height modesty panel

Bureau avec plateau en deux matériaux

Finishes Oasi

MB - Rippled effect white

MG - Rippled effect grey

MF - Nickel

MZ - Cocoa

MN - White

MT - Talco

MJ - Ochre

MK - Safari

MI - Noisette

MD - Ardesia

ML - Black

MQ - Night blue

MC - Light oak

MY - American oak

ME - Grey oak

MM - Dark oak

MO - Noce Canaletto

MW - Dark walnut


RC - Light oak

RG - Smoke grey oak

RM - Dark oak

NO - Canaletto Walnut

SL - Silver ebony

AK - Makassar ebony

NT - Heat-treated walnut

EB - White

ET - Talco

EG - Grey

EO - Noisette


YD - Arizona Beige

YQ - Night blue

YC - Bromo grey


EI - Ardesia

EE - Copper

YB - Jaipur red

EZ - Bronze

EN - Black

CB - White

CU - Aluminium

CN - Black

CM - Brown

CE - Caramel

CA - Orange

JB - Basalt

JC - Calacatta

JP - Pulpis

JR - Corten

JN - black

GW - White

GZ - Silver

GK - Dark grey

GN - Noisette

GA - Ardesia

GF - Mocha

GY - Black

GX - Orange

GQ - Red "F"

GO - Ruby

GD - Indigo

GT - Blue

GU -Green

GR - Lime green

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