Stream dettaglio


Stream is a freestanding panel system supported by a pair of metal poles with a round base. Panels are available in different materials and finishes to adapt to any type of use and style. Panels can be hung in several positions in order to create a dynamic layout.

Finishes Stream

MB - Rippled effect white

MG - Rippled effect grey

MF - Nickel

MZ - Cocoa

MN - White

MT - Talco

MJ - Ochre

MK - Safari

MI - Noisette

MD - Ardesia

ML - Black

MQ - Night blue

MC - Light oak

MY - American oak

ME - Grey oak

MM - Dark oak

MO - Noce Canaletto

MW - Dark walnut

EB - White

EG - Grey

EI - Ardesia


DC - Beige

DH - Light grey

DI - Ardesia

DD - Avio blue

DE - Aquamarine

DF - Spring green

DG - Sage

DB - Orange

DA - Coral

BP - Opaline white

TR - Transparent

BN - Satin-finish white

FU - Satin-finish smoky grey

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