4Design Sound-Absorbing Solutions for Alea's French Showroom

The Alea showroom in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a focal point for art, exhibitions, and commerce on the outskirts of Paris, welcomes a new highly esteemed partner. It is 4Design, a leader in the development and application of sound-absorbing technologies, a company based in Fossombrone, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. The vital synergy of the Italian-made showroom also includes m | artedesign, Alea Design & Build, and SpaghettiWall.

Tiziano Carlot, CEO of Alea: “We strongly believe in the added value of these collaborations with important companies from our country to offer the French market, and beyond, the availability of furniture and solutions that complete the office world and can also go beyond it. The guiding idea is to be increasingly versatile and to be able to offer a vision that goes beyond the classic supply, a work of listening and creating a tailor-made project carried out in particular with Alea Design & Build”.
Matteo Morelli, Commercial Director of 4Design: “We are proud to present ourselves in France in a prestigious location and with esteemed partner as Alea, whom we thank for their involvement and hospitality. We design and produce high-quality sound-absorbing and decorative products to create acoustically effective and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our panels are all designed to be adaptable to any requirement and customizable with unique patterns and decorations. Thanks to techniques such as laser cutting, digital printing, and shaping, we can create tailor-made solutions.”

The Alea showroom is located at 176 Av. Charles de Gaulle, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a municipality bordering Paris that hosts a growing number of showrooms and headquarters of prestigious international brands.