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Resistance, harmony and balance are the acknowledged qualities of things made to last. This is why Eracle has become a classic. In fact, its tables and desks are recognizable for their sophisticated shapes and innovative materials research.
The aluminium legs are its signature, thanks to their partucular “diamond facet” that enhances Eracle elegance level.
For the table top, there are sevaral materials to choose from. Italian melamine, leather, wood veneer, glass or porcelain tiles always framed by an aluminium profile.

Eracle blends innovative design and materials. The multifaceted architecture of its aluminium structure makes it unique and inimitable


Features Eracle

Top with frame

Corner legs

Diamond-shaped base

Finishes Eracle

MB - Rippled effect white

MG - Rippled effect grey

MF - Nickel

MZ - Cocoa

MN - White

MT - Talco

MJ - Ochre

MK - Safari

MI - Noisette

MD - Ardesia

ML - Black

MC - Light oak

MY - American oak

ME - Grey oak

MM - Dark oak

MO - Canaletto Walnut

MW - Dark walnut

RC - Light oak

RG - Smoke grey oak

RM - Dark oak

NO - Canaletto Walnut

SL - Silver ebony

AK - Makassar ebony

NT - Heat-treated walnut

CB - White

CU - Aluminium

CN - Black

CM - Brown

CE - Caramel

CA - Orange

CD - Indigo

AL - Aluminium anodised

JB - Basalt

JC - Calacatta

JP - Pulpis

JR - Corten

GW - White

GZ - Silver

GK - Dark grey

GN - Noisette

GA - Ardesia

GF - Mocha

GY - Black

GX - Orange

GQ - Red "F"

GO - Ruby

GD - Indigo

GT - Blue

GU -Green

GR - Lime green

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