Zefiro X dettaglio

Zefiro X

The Zefiro X table is born out of the iconic Zefiro design launched in 2003, which revolutionised the way we look at the office. Now it is offered again in a new hybrid form that connects the physical world with the meeting space.

Zefiro X allows you to go beyond the canonical lengths made possible by a transparent acrylic support that provides the necessary support without compromising the cleanliness of the form.

Finishes Zefiro X

MB - Rippled effect white

MG - Rippled effect grey

MF - Nickel

MZ - Cocoa

MN - White

MT - Talco

MJ - Ochre

MK - Safari

MI - Noisette

MD - Ardesia

ML - Black

MQ - Night blue

MC - Light oak

MY - American oak

ME - Grey oak

MM - Dark oak

MO - Canaletto Walnut

MW - Dark walnut


RC - Light oak

RG - Smoke grey oak

RM - Dark oak

NO - Canaletto Walnut

SL - Silver ebony

AK - Makassar ebony

NT - Heat-treated walnut

EB - White

YD - Arizona Beige

YQ - Night blue

YC - Bromo grey


YB - Jaipur red

EN - Black

XE - Kos white

XD - Arizona beige

XC - Bromo grey

XF - Fes blue

XB - Jaipur red

XA - Ingo black

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