New Materials

New Materials
With the new proposals of 2016, we chose to introduce the elegant stoneware with porcelain finish as a new material in 4 unique patterns.
We selected this new material for its valued look and its strength and durability. In our finishes chart you’ll find it as Porcelain Tiles. It can be applied on Odeon, Eracle and Archimede top surface.
Calacatta, code JC – white base and grey veining give value and light to the desk.

Basalt, code JB – dark coloring reminds the powerful volcanic stones while the surface gets a robust look.

Pulpis, code JP – marbled texture with an intense tobacco color and bright, marked veining for elegant and modern solutions.

Corten, code JR – very trendy pattern, creates the metallic effect of corrosion and oxidation, strongly used in art and architecture. Enchanting rusty colors mix with hints of copper and gold.