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The unique design of the Q18 shelving system is the perfect balance between flushness of components, layout freedom and multiple colour options. Q18 is a modular solution consisting of a tubular aluminium structure with 11/16"x11/16" section, to which panels and container modules are integrated. The intelligent fixing system that combines the aluminium parts makes this product elegant and clean, without visible screws.

Endless layout possibilities:
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Finishes Q18

MB - Rippled effect white

MG - Rippled effect grey

MF - Nickel

MZ - Cocoa

MN - White

MT - Talco

MJ - Ochre

MK - Safari

MI - Noisette

MD - Ardesia

ML - Black

MQ - Night blue

MC - Light oak

MY - American oak

ME - Grey oak

MM - Dark oak

MO - Noce Canaletto

MW - Dark walnut


EB - White

ET - Talco

EG - Grey

EO - Noisette


YD - Arizona Beige

YQ - Night blue

YC - Bromo grey


EI - Ardesia

EE - Copper

YB - Jaipur red

EZ - Bronze

EN - Black


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Art of Form, on the road to the Pyramids

: Art of Form


Designer: RF Design/Korus