Orgatec 2022 - Breathe the new office

Orgatec is finally back! 
For this edition we want to propose a reflection on breath, as the need to regenerate, to assimilate new air, to evolve positively. 
The last two years have introduced a new era in the conception of work, characterised by a fluid vision. It is no longer important WHERE and WHEN. We now focus on what really makes the difference: HOW. Work has become smart, whether at home or in a different location, the office becomes a bespoke suit, tailored for the person and their needs.
The Alea stand presents a working space to be interpreted in various ways.
The theme of layout composition is addressed, where elements interpenetrate to create both open and closed environments, with furnishing proposals dedicated to the individual as well as to the team, cells of privacy for concentration, meeting areas but also relaxation areas. Curved shapes go hand in hand with colours inspired by the world of nature, an element that is increasingly present, reinforcing the idea of connection and balance creating a state of well-being.
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Hall 09.1 Stand C051