The changing world challenge

In the last few months, many businesses have radically reconfigured the way they work, paying particular attention in safeguarding not just employees, but also visitors. We have investigated how we could help clients in this period. The result is Safe, a collection focussing on acrylic screens. These products have been designed to make workplaces healthier and safer while remaining simple to install and flexible enough to allow for variations in cabling and office layout.
Alea has developed not only protection solutions for single workstations but also actual space dividers. The latter are smart and easy elements, useful to rethink the space layout. The name of this collection is Stream, a floor-standing range of panels, poles and bases that are available in a wide finish palette. They are ideal for applications ranging from offices to pubs, hotels, restaurants, airports and more.
Another huge change that we are facing, is the massive increase in home-working. For many people it is now essential to be able to work long term at home. This is why Alea has developed a comprehensive home office range.
Combining sharp modern aesthetics with practicality, these are solutions that make working from home comfortable without compromise. The priority is the efficient use of space and ease-of-use, with an awareness that part of the new normal may mean even more home working in the future.