The green office

In recent years, the workplace design trend has finally turned towards a holistic view of the person. These are no longer static but dynamic places, where people can find a homy atmosphere.
This new approach includes objects and functions that go beyond the old office concept, and are aimed at the well-being of workers, thus creating more relaxing and welcoming spaces that induce a sense of ease, optimising the time dedicated to working and consequently making it more productive.
Essential elements in achieving this harmony are certainly plants. Indeed, they are proven to reduce stress and tension, promoting a feeling of well-being and positivity. It should also not be forgotten that they are a fantastic furnishing accessory useful for improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Solutions such as the Q18 bookshelves allow the integration of tray elements into the structure to accommodate small and medium-sized plants.
Jungla is the planter completely made of metal, available in various epoxy colours. Thanks to the use of weather-resistant paints is suitable for furnishing both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a system of pots supported by a base that elevates them from the floor, creating true green dividers. It is available in versions with one or three pots.